In this interview with Dajon Ferrell we discuss suffering from PTSD,  what helped her heal and the tools she now shares and uses with her 8 yr. old son who is an empath. We discuss what it’s like to have son’s who are empaths and how important it is to fill their life skills toolbox with.


In this episode

Healing from PTSD as a Mother

Raising an Empathic Child

Her Morning Routine

Knowing our child’s love language

Giving Our Children Permission to have their space when they need it

Mentioned in this episode

A Course In Miracles

Link to Quiz (5 love languages)

Five Love Languages Book

Desire Map Planner

A Wrinkle in Time

Dajon Ferrell became a SOULution Guide and speaker after experiencing struggles with PTSD from her 13-year military career. She now focuses purpose-driven living and helps provide guidance that challenges clients to shift from a place of complacency or indecisiveness to one of liberation and empowerment.

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