In this episode, I interview Mindful Modern Mom Amy who wears many hats as a single mom. She shares her tips on empowering kids to create confidence, and shares about her mission of sharing personal development with her communities.

Amy shares what led her on this personal development path, how one thing has led to another and how it all has an influence on her parenting as well as the most important thing she wants her son to know.

In this episode, you will learn how to empower your kids with a very simple technique.

How to be more productive as a mom & entrepreneur

Mentioned in this episode:

Beckum Yoga

Eckart Tolle 

Some of his books include

The Power of Now & “A New Earth”


Jada Pinket Smith

(Check out Jada’s Link for her parenting advice!)

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Guest Bio:

Amy is the single mother to 11-year-old son Jaden. She balances her career as a mother with her other two careers; Proposal Engineer and Mentor-Masterclass-Certified Life Coach. Having once been in a place where she rejected her career as an engineer because she did not feel she could be seen for her interpersonal healing talents in this arena, she later learned to heal that dissociation because it too, captured an aspect of her wholeness. Amy has realized that greatness only comes through owning our wholeness… Wholeness through her many careers, through her many delights & dissatisfactions and through total self-acceptance of the mind, body, and spirit. Empowerment coach, sisterhood group facilitator, retreat leader and yoga teacher; She created One Centered Life as a business umbrella for helping guide people to heal the foundation of their Self & empower them to their highest greatness. She is known for her holistic approach to self-care; reminding us to nurture the mind, body AND the SPIRIT so we may live a centered and empowered life.
Connect with Amy Here:
Instagram: @one_centered_life
facebook: or @Amy Joy

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