Interview With Vanessa Gutierrez

Interview With Vanessa Gutierrez

In this episode of Mindful Modern Mom Podcast, I interview mindful modern mom Vanessa and we discussed spirituality, lessons learned from raising child number one and practicing presence while really cherishing each moment.

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Earth Is Hiring 

Crushing It


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BioPranic Healer and Detox Coach I work with women entrepreneurs to identify and release energy blocks so that they can work from their place of power and access higher consciousness and abundance. Pioneer and created of Wheels of Profit an energetic business planning program to discover the chakras in your business.
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MMM005 Know & Grow Yourself Segment: Grace

MMM005 Know & Grow Yourself Segment: Grace

We are quick to see our own flaws and judge ourselves, but today you are invited to look with the eyes of grace.

Journaling Prompt: Make a list of the areas you want to improve in your life and then look deeper into the change you want to make, removing all judgment and looking for your heart’s true intention and you’ll see it’s pure. Listen to my example in episode 5 of the Mindful Modern Mom podcast for my personal example.

Next, you’ll make a plan of action for improving this area of your life by setting a clear intention and soul inspired action.

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MMM 004 Interview with Shauna Lay

MMM 004 Interview with Shauna Lay

In this episode, I interview Shauna Lay a Mindful Modern Mom of two school-age boys who is one of my absolutely amazing.

In this episode, you will learn:

How to feel emotion in your body, why it’s important and how to invite your kids to join in the exploration!

How to separate your personal parental fears from your child’s fears or lack of them.

How to encourage your kids to be more of themselves.

Mentioned in this episode:

Meditation ( App Insight timmer)

Essential Oils (Doterra)


To learn more about Shauna and her work see links below
IG @shaunayoga
FB shaunalay and shaunalayyogateacher

MMM 003: Know & Grow Yourself Segment where Bernadette

MMM 003: Know & Grow Yourself Segment where Bernadette

This is the first “Know & Grow Yourself” Segment where Bernadette helps moms understand the importance of personal development as a mom & how to embrace it by providing insight and prompts for her mindful modern moms.

In this episode, you learn:

  • New ways you can begin to practice gratitude
  • How to begin to shift from a place depletion to a place of overflow.
  • What happens when you decide to see things differently
  • One of my favorite quotes, that may just change your life, if you embrace it and follow today’s prompt. 




MMM 002: Interview Mindful Modern Mom  Katarzyna Morzewska

MMM 002: Interview Mindful Modern Mom Katarzyna Morzewska

In this Episode, I interview Mindful Modern Mom  Katarzyna Morzewska she is a life coach working from home with her baby. We talk about what it’s like to be a new mo,  birthing a business and a baby around the same time. Kat shares her favorite tools, tips and resources for new moms.


Mentioned it this Episode


1.The white noise teddy bear:
   P.S.-They do ship internationally 🙂

2. Spotify song to help baby relax




Guest Bio: Katarzyna Morzewska is a Life Coach helping women change their lives by getting clear about what they really want. If you have no idea what to do with your life, especially around your work, she’s your girl.

For more information see links below!

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